78 Best En-Suite Bathroom Designs

The trend of connecting a bathroom with a room or having a bathroom in a separate place within a bedroom has gained remarkable popularity over the past few decades. If you have an-suite bathroom in your home and you are considering designing it, here are some practical en-suite bathroom designs that you might want to use in your kitchen.

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Designing an En-Suite Bathroom

This type of bathroom is most likely to be  for the sole use of the members of the adjacent bedroom, it can be designed to their needs and preferences. In simpler words, if it’s your en-suite bathroom, you don’t have to consider the needs for other members of your family that don’t live in your room. An en-suite bathroom doesn’t have to undergo the assaults that  family bathroom has to undergo. Following are some things that you can add to your bathroom to make it functional and look attractive.

  • Add wallpaper and a decent carpet to your en-suite bathroom. You can also use mats to protect wet areas.
  • You can hang pictures for decorative purpose. Likewise, you can add more furniture if you have sufficient place in the bathroom.
  • You can add drapes around the bath.
  • Give importance to proper ventilation to your en-suite bathroom.
  • Lighting is another important factor that works for functionality and decoration. Consider choosing lighting fixtures according to the size of your bathroom and availability of natural light.
  • The scheme of your bedroom and bathroom should relate to each other, so keep this factor into mind when designing your en-suite bathroom. At the same, make sure to maintain the individuality of these two rooms.

cove en suite bathroom suite w quadrant enclosure with ensuite bathroom designs 50 Best EnSuite Bathroom Designs

Dream En-Suite Bathroom

There are many other en-suit bathroom designs to choose from. It would be in your best interest to search for the latest trends in en-suite bathroom designing and remodeling to create your dream en-suite bathroom.

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